Let me workshop with your team or organisation to help them to master the concepts of mindfulness, self compassion and holistic self care.






Basic Life Support Self Care ™


Through my concept of Basic Life Support Self Care - I aim to break core concepts of self care and holistic wellbeing down into easy to remember and actionable steps for everyone to implement.

Built on the fundamental framework of the Basic Life Support model that all health care providers are familiar with, allowing me to create simple and easy to follow processes to follow daily. In using the familiar DRSABC acronym I aim to convey the idea that self care practice should be equally as well known and practiced in the community as CPR training. These skills need to be taught, learnt and practiced so innately they are easily drawn upon in times of increased stress. 

If you're interested in having me deliver my Basic Life Support Self Care workshop over anything from a 2hr to half or full day workshop then please reach out to discuss your specific requirements. 

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