My journey through burn out by Dr Emily Amos

In 2019 I burnt out.

 As a medical doctor and General Practitioner I knew what burn out was, but I didn't see it coming for myself.

I had helped countless patients with their own stress and mental health, yet I was unable to help myself.

I was brought to my knees and broken in so many ways.

Physically, my body was depleted. I was exhausted beyond measure. I hadn't known a full nights sleep for longer than I could remember and I was questioning my identity and ability to help anyone as a doctor.

I was lost, burnt out and had nothing left to give.

Burn out written with scrabble tiles
Blogging through burn out

I documented it all through my blog.

Finding solace and relief in words, I made time to reflect on each step of my path to recovery. A chronological memory of the long and winding road I was walking.

If you're now facing something similar, I would love to take you on my journey with me.

A gentle tour guide to the path that is perhaps lying in front of you.


I hope that these words might give you some solace.

I know that your journey will be different, but perhaps my own path might bear some similarity to yours?

Burn out recovery is not a linear path...

Sometimes it feels like two steps forward, one step back. That's OK.

Build your support network, prioritise caring for your body & mind, keep having the conversations about how you're going with people who care about you and just focus on one step at a time. 

My own path took me longer than I ever expected. These blog posts span over 2.5 years. Change takes time, but growth and learning can happen through out the journey.

The word burn out made with scrabble tiles


So I've burnt out

Start here. This was the very first step on my journey.

Green painted doorway


Stepping out of the doorway

Beginning to see a path in front of me.

Hamer tapping square peg into a round hole


Square pegs

Taking time to reflect on how I got to this point.

Long and windy road


The road we walk

How can I walk this path more intentionally?

Burning matches


Burn out and back again

What lessons have I learnt on my path back?

Storm clouds over a beach


Reflections from the eye of the storm

 Trying to hold onto the lessons.


My ego and I

Learning how to re-build and make an intentional path forward.

Sleeping kitten


The subversive act of rest

Putting the lessons I've learnt into action.

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Where to next?

I know that feeling of overwhelm that comes from nearing (or experiencing) burn out and not knowing what to do next. Seeking support from those around you is so important- having open and honest conversations about the fact that you're struggling with people who care about you and (as in my case) seeking professional help from your GP, a psychologist, counsellor or coach.

As well as that though, would you like some help implementing mindful self care into your life right now?

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