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Want a speaker to help your audience to identify ways to find balance and calm in their own busy lives?

I'm Dr Emily Amos.


I am a passionate teacher of all things mindfulness.

As a General Practitioner, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, 200hr yoga teacher, university tutor and registered mindfulness meditation teacher I have found unique ways to teach these skills to a variety of audiences. With my generalist medical background and further training in areas of interest, I approach burnout, stress management and productivity in a multifaceted way. 


Professional Affiliations

 In 2019 I went abruptly from being a high achieving, results driven GP, university tutor, mum and small business owner to a burnt out shell of my former self. I had always known what I needed to do to take care of myself, in fact I had been helping others to take care of themselves for nearly a decade. But the disconnect between knowing how to take care of myself and actually doing it finally caught up with me.

I wouldn’t say that burning out was the best thing that ever happened to me, but being forced to face up to unconscious patterns and ways of doing things that so many of us engage in- over committing ourselves, struggling to wind down or leave work at work, telling ourselves that things can’t be any different, distracting ourselves with stimulation and busyness- has been one of the most transformative processes I have ever been through. It’s given me a fresh perspective on how to teach these concepts and help others to master that disconnect I suffered from between knowing what to do and actually doing it.

So, instead of seeing my burn out as a set back, I decided to look at it differently. What if this was a chance to reset?


 I had sat in my consulting room as a GP & Lactation Consultant seeing the same concerns over and over again for years. I was always aware that I’d be limited in who I could help if I stuck to this inefficient model. So much of what new parents worried about was actually normal newborn behaviour or stemmed from not understanding how our bodies worked. I knew that education was the key to empowerment.

I set about synthesising all of my years and years of knowledge and training into online courses for new parents via my website MORE THAN MILK.

From this beginning and by using the amazing platform of Kajabi I have been able to create easy to use, beautiful online courses that not only share the knowledge and training that I have spent nearly two decades attaining but also allowed me to find the balance I was seeking while still using my skills and experience to serve others. 

My online learning portal mind.life.me also draws on my skills in course creation and online learning, lifestyle medicine, mindfulness, meditation and yoga to give busy high achievers the kickstart and framework they need to take better care of themselves and find the sense of balance I had spent so many years searching for.

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What now? 


I have built a portfolio career that allows me to share my knowledge and skills all centred around the practice and teaching of mindfulness. I continue to teach medical students mindfulness, self care and behaviour change at Monash University as part of the acclaimed 'Health Enhancement Program' run by mindfulness expert Professor Craig Hassed. I am also a proud member of the teaching faculty of the new Monash Centre for Consciousness and Contemplative Studies.

My affinity and respect for my colleagues in healthcare has also led me to offer mindfulness & self care retreats to doctors as part of my business Whole Hearted Medicine. These immersive, CPD approved retreats offer doctors the chance to learn skills in mindfulness, meditation and self compassion away from both work and family pressures.

Now joyfully embracing my innate skills in the art and humanity of medicine, I thoroughly enjoy speaking and workshopping. With topics such as mindfulness in this busy world, my own reflections and lessons learnt from burning out and how we can all take better care of ourselves, as well as my concept of Basic Life Support Self Care®- which I teach in workshop format to provide busy, high achieving people a simple and actionable framework for self care.

I go camping with my husband and two gorgeous children and strive everyday to maintain the balance in my life that I worked so very hard to achieve.

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