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Helping you to build a life you don't need a holiday from

Online courses to help you to master guilt free self care through practices such as mindfulness, meditation, breath work, self reflection and lifestyle optimisation. 

  • Mindfulness Masterclass
  • 30 Day Stimulation Addiction Detox
  • 6 week Self Care Kick Start
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Introducing you to stillness and calm

Regular live, online classes by Dr Emily Amos to gently guide you towards feeling more calm.

  • Mindfulness Meditation Class
  • Guided Yoga Nidra Class
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Integrating mindfulness into workplaces

Speaking engagements & transformative workshops covering mindfulness, self compassion & self care. Available in a variety of formats from half & full day to comprehensive programs to work with your organisations wellbeing program.

  • Basic Life Support Self Care™ Workshop
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Luxury CPD approved mindfulness & wellbeing retreats for doctors.


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Online courses in mindful breastfeeding by

Dr Emily Amos- GP, IBCLC, yoga & meditation teacher.


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