Stepping Out of the Doorway...

burn out my story Jul 05, 2020
Green doorway covered in ivy.

One year. One year since I 'Burnt out'.  
At the time it felt like a soul crushing lesson in defeat. Not something I was familiar with feeling as I was so used to pushing, pushing, pushing until I achieved what I desired. Yet I couldn't push through this. So I stopped. I gave in. I relinquished control. The last year has been amazing, overwhelming, enlightening, difficult, affirming, sometimes challenging but ultimately a blessing. 
​So today, 
I've spent the afternoon messing around with this website in preparation to finally clicking the 'publish' button for the first time. This website that I've had mocked up for years but never felt robust enough to shine my light out into the world for scrutiny. Yep, that one. And I came across the blog post I wrote one year ago now (you'll find it in the archives). I had written about the feeling of standing in a doorway, not so much stuck as just aware that I really wasn't able to move forward or backwards at that point in time. 

One year later and the delicious inertia of the last year has finally brought me to clicking 'publish' on this site. I've been listening to the amazing Amy Ahlers and Dr Lissa Rankin MD as part of their Visionary Ignition Switch course and as Lissa said "speak your truth" I knew that this was the time for me to do this. Now I know that my "truth" isn't everyone's truth, and I'm certainly no 'expert' on much else other than my own opinion. But that's what a blog is, my own opinion.

So here I am, stepping out of the doorway.

I plan on blogging about the many things that interest me- mindfulness, meditation, yoga, breathing, stress management, sleep, motherhood, behaviour change, relationships, eating and generally just trying to be the best sort of human that I can possibly be. The 'simple' stuff that seems so damn obvious and straight forward but really takes up at least 90% of my (and I'm assuming many other peoples) brain space at any one time.

Join me if you wish to. Scroll on by if you don't. There's no medical advice here just my thoughts.

​Time for me to step out of that doorway...


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