What is Mindful Performance Coaching?

Dr Emily Amos Speakers topics

Physical Wellbeing

Develop your sense of interoception- your natural sense of how your body enjoys to move, eat & sleep.

Dr Emily Amos Speakers topics


Work on your growth mindset to help you move through challenges with ease and strength. 

Dr Emily Amos Speakers topics

Stress Management

Understand how your body is designed to work with & respond to stress AND how to optimise this.

Dr Emily Amos Speakers topics

Healthy Habits

Make healthy habits and positive life changes using Behaviour Change Psychology.

Dr Emily Amos Speakers topics

Connection with yourself

Use self compassion to know who you really are and what you need- without judgement and self criticism. 

Dr Emily Amos Speakers topics


Share your calm with the world- from friendships, to work and home through the amazing power of co-regulation.


I am a GP, business owner, yoga & meditation teacher and passionate teacher of all things mindfulness.

If you've found your way to me then chances are you're looking for better ways to help you to balance the demands in your life.

So, what is Mindful Performance Coaching?

Coaching is a process of supported self discovery. You are in control and will always be in the lead. Mindful performance coaching is my unique style of mixing mindfulness with business coaching with life coaching... it's about harnessing the power of mindfulness to help you to be the best version of yourself in what ever environment you find yourself in!

A coach's role isn't to give you all the answers, it is to help you to discover the right answers for you within yourself. I'm here with you as a trusted sounding board, but you will only get out of this process what you're ready to put into it.

I am the sort of coach who will compassionately walk with you towards and beyond your growth edge and I'm here to help you to navigate all that uncomfortable human stuff we all feel when we're trying something new. 

Fear. Overwhelm. Excitement, Trepidation. I'm here for all of it!

I also like to bring mindfulness to everything that I do, so you can expect a guided meditation or two in our time together!

Are you ready to take the first step?


 You are overwhelmed with life, not sure you can make the most effective changes to bring about transformation.

You are full of ideas and energy but just not sure where to take your first step forward.

You are ready to look at your habits, mindset and patterns of behaviour to see where you can make changes to give you more energy, motivation and performance.

You are self motivated and ready to be challenged & held accountable.



You are looking for someone to give you the answers and tell you what to do next.

Coaching is a forward looking process- it is not designed to work through past experiences or trauma. If that sounds like you, then I'd gently encourage you to speak with your General Practitioner for support first.


ALSO... If you're feeling completely depleted and not sure if you have the energy to commit to the coaching process just yet, it's OK to invest some time and energy to nourishing yourself before you start looking outwardly at starting a new biz or taking on a new role. 

Does this sound like you? Then how about testing out my FREE 7 Days of Mindful Self Care mini-course first to see if there are some small changes you can make to help build capacity for yourself first?



I know that taking that first step is daunting.


Perhaps you've made your way down this page thinking "I really think coaching might be a great thing for me"... but here you are at the bottom of the page and not yet quite convinced to book in for a discovery call. 

I get it. Before I had ever done any coaching it seemed like a gimmick to me too.

But here's the thing...

  • Indecision
  • Procrastination
  • Analysis paralysis... they're all symptoms of being stuck and overwhelmed.¬†

These are exactly the states that coaching can help with!!

So what are you waiting for?