mind.life.me by Dr Emily Amos

Finding a balance between taking care of others and taking care of ourselves can be tough.


Even though we know what to do, finding the time to actually do it can be hard. And when we do have time, it's so hard not to fill it other things we need to do.

We know that it isn't, but self care can really feel selfish sometimes.

Let me help you to not only put a framework in place to help you to carve out physical time for yourself, but also space in your mind. To learn how to find calm and stillness from our often busy thoughts.

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Self Care Kickstart by Dr Emily Amos

Making mindfulness & meditation simple AND sustainable

I know how busy you are. I also know that integrating mindfulness & meditation into our lives in a sustainable and authentic way can be tough.

This concise and nurturing training is designed for exactly that reason- to help you to overcome any hurdles to help you to be more calm, in control and to live more mindfully.


Self Care Kickstart by Dr Emily Amos

30 days of gentle & nurturing guided meditations

This is a gentle guide to slowing down and weaning our bodies off the stress hormones & busyness that they've become accustomed to in this modern world. 

30 days of easy to use, guided meditations to guide you towards stillness. The perfect place to start if you're ready for change.

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Self Care Kickstart by Dr Emily Amos

Your simple introduction to Mindfulness, Meditation & Breath Work

I know how busy you are- so this is a one-stop shop!

This short 30 minute master class is designed to give you the perfect introduction to all three of these transformative practices so you can begin to implement them in your life.


 It's about 

  • Connecting with our deeper sense of self awareness to have a better sense of knowing what we need and when.

  • Making and holding compassionate boundaries with ourselves & others especially around our work and time demands.

  • Carving out time in our day to meditate and reflect.

  • Practicing deep and focussed breath work to calm our nervous systems.

  • Optimising our diet, mindful movement and sleep patterns.

  • Integrating whole hearted self compassion into our innate sense of being so that it is our default state rather than something we need to remember to practice.

I know how difficult it can be to bridge the gap between knowing what to do to take care of ourselves, and actually doing it.


I also know what happens when we don't do it.

I am Dr Emily Amos- GP, registered meditation & yoga teacher.

I get it. Life is busy, demands are high, we barely have time to take a breath let alone take care of ourselves.

As a business owner and mum myself, I also know how difficult it is to try and balance everything. But as a GP, I know what the downstream effects of unmanaged stress are and having experienced burn out for myself I also know why taking care of ourselves is so important.

Let me help you to do it.


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