Struggling to understand mindfulness?


This simple 30 minute masterclass will help you understand exactly what mindfulness is and isn't.

Easy to watch anywhere, anytime.

With BONUS guided meditations and weekly mindfulness prompt sheet to help you to bring mindfulness into your life.

 Learn about how your stress system works and how to manage stress better!


Stress is a natural part of life- our amazing bodies are designed to respond to it. It's not the enemy, it just needs to be understood better.

Learn how that system works and how you can use mindfulness & meditation to help your mind and body to stand down your stress response when it's no longer needed.

No pills, supplements or empty promises. Education and understanding is the key managing your stress better!

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Your teacher- Dr Emily Amos

I am a General Practitioner and registered yoga & meditation teacher. I facilitate training in meditation & mindfulness and tutor university medical students in mindfulness and healthy lifestyle change. I am an expert in mindfulness!

I specialise in making these concepts easy to understand and integrate into your life in sustainable ways.

What you get:

  • Simple and informative 30 minute masterclass video introducing you to mindfulness and meditation and helping you to understand both how they differ and how they help us to master stress. Everything you need to know in ONE video.
  • A simple explanation of what your Sympathetic Nervous System is and how it works. This amazing system is what gives you the ability to deal with stress in your life. Time to stop fearing it and start working with it!!
  • Gentle guided breath meditation to introduce you to the principles and practice of mindfulness meditation and calm your sympathetic nervous system.
  • Guided breath work practice that you can do anywhere, anytime to help your body and mind to slow down and relax.
  • Helpful weekly mindfulness prompts worksheet including simple mindfulness practices that you can easily integrate into your week.
  • The safety of knowing that you are being taught evidence backed material by a registered doctor, yoga & meditation teacher. Your trust is important to me.
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