Why does meditation feel so hard sometimes?

meditation mindfulness my story Feb 03, 2022

I know hard tough it can be to start meditating. Our busy minds and tight muscles make it uncomfortable to sit in stillness and silence for any length of time. So many thoughts and sensations bombarding us as soon as we sit down.


"It doesn't work for me"

"I just can't meditate"

"I relax by watching TV/scrolling on my phone, not meditating"


Often, when we've struggled to meditate in the past, we decide that the whole thing is just not for us. So we go about trying to drown out thoughts rather with other sensory experiences like watching TV, scrolling on our phones, eating food or drinking alcohol.


So why is it so hard to start meditating?


It's because we're so used to being busy and doing that our bodies and minds are addicted to stimulation (my next blog is on exactly this!). We need to learn how to wean ourselves off this addiction, just like any other.


Want some tips for how? The check out my vlog here and if you're ready to learn a bit more about mindfulness, meditation and breath work- my short 30 minute master class is the perfect first step!


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