Want to feel less busy and more efficient?

I can help.

Here are all the ways you can work with me.


Doctors & Health Professionals

We work in a demanding industry. Burn out is rife. Learning how to take as good a care of ourselves as we do our patients is essential.

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GET STARTED- your 6 week self-care kick start

This is the step that helps you to bridge the gap between knowing what to do to take care of yourself and actually taking better care of yourself.

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The 12 Week Equilibrium

DOORS OPEN twice per year.

Your complete path to holistic and authentic self care. Let me support you to calm your inner storm and find balance in your life.

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Got a specific problem you are working through?

Stuck with ruminating thoughts? 

Big decisions? Struggling to balance work, life and family? Jump on a 1 hour coaching call and let me help you to approach things in a more mindful way.

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Planning babies?

This can feel like a big step when you're used to being in control. 

Join me over at MORE THAN MILK. for mindful and nurturing online courses on breastfeeding, sleeping, settling and self care to help busy soon-to-be parents feel more prepared and less anxious.

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