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Episode 9


Holding space is a term used for creating the space within ourselves to process thoughts and emotions. It may seem self explanatory, but if it were so easy, why do so many of us struggle to hold onto uncomfortable feelings?

Instead we distract ourselves from them with extra stimulation (if you haven't already listened to the Stimulation Addiction episode do it after this one!) or we end up discharging our own emotional pain onto others inadvertently.

In this episode I talk about:

  •  What holding space actually means?
  •  How we can learn how to do it for ourselves?
  •  How we can teach our kids how to hold space too?

I also talked about a couple of resources in this episode that I'd love to share with you:

The Colour Monster- by Anna Llenas

Passing Clouds- by Kate Oliver

I also mentioned my upcoming Mindful Me: Mindfulness & Self Compassion training that you can sign up for via my website.


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