Do you have a busy mind that it feels impossible to switch off?

Are you dealing with feelings of chronic stress & burn out?

Do you often feel emotionally exhausted and completely cared out?

Do you struggle to be kind to yourself?

 I know that mastering mindfulness and integrating it into your life can be hard.


Perhaps you've tried to learn about it before but didn't really feel it would work for you and your life?

Perhaps you've even done other trainings but haven't been able to sustain it?


I get it. I was a General Practitioner who taught mindfulness and I still lived unmindfully and eventually burnt myself out. I did that because without self compassion, actually living mindfully in this switched on world is really difficult. Our busy minds often finding it difficult to filter out the noise and come into a state of rest & stillness.

Learning mindfulness in this environment is tough.

Living mindfully in this busy, hectic, modern world takes more than listening to a few guided meditations.

Having learnt these tough lessons for myself, I now teach mindfulness very differently to how I did before. Drawing on my training in yoga, meditation and clinical medicine- I bring an understanding of:

  • Behaviour change psychology.
  • Lifestyle medicine and healthy habits.
  • Neuropsychology
  • The physiology of stress and the importance of rest in completing the stress cycle.

The goal being that by the end of this training, your body and mind call you to meditate and be mindful- rather than it being simply another thing you need to add to your to-do list.

Danielle L.

I felt this course helped me “unlock” mindfulness and found the exploration of ego and how we respond to ourselves a real key for this. Mindfulness is now a comfort and practice is soothing (even if brief) when I never imagined that would happen! After wanting to understand/be able to practice self compassion for some time, I felt this course finally helped. Thanks Emily.

Phoebe H.

I really enjoyed the Mindfulness and Self Compassion Course with Emily. I found it to be the perfect blend of theory, reflection and practicing different meditation techniques. Coming to an understanding about how self compassion allows one to live more mindfully was a profound realisation for me, and something that I hope I can apply to my everyday life.

Here's what you get when you sign up: 


Eight weeks of expertly cultivated windows of calm in this busy world.

Our weekly group coaching sessions will help you to carve out pockets of mindfulness and stillness in your week. We will reflect on each weeks short video lesson as well as discussing any hurdles you might be encountering in your own practice and guiding you through a gentle meditation practice to help you to sample different meditation styles.

What we cover:

  • WEEK ONE: Mindfulness, Meditation and Self Compassion- What's the difference and why are they important?
  • WEEK TWO: Cultivating the Compassionate Observer- How can we step back from our thoughts, learn how to be kinder to ourselves and silence our inner critic?
  • WEEK THREE: Befriending our Stress Response- Understanding our Sympathetic Nervous System and learning how to work with, it rather than against it.
  • WEEK FOUR: Stimulation Addiction- Understanding our body's addiction to stress & stimulation and why it makes it so difficult to slow down and find stillness.
  • WEEK FIVE: The Crowded Mind- Learning the difference between thinking & awareness to help make some space in our minds to find stillness and calm.
  • WEEK SIX: Perception- How our ego shapes not only how we react but also our view of the world.
  • WEEK SEVEN: Holding Space (for others and ourselves)- Mastering the difficult skill of holding space and feeling rather than fixing.
  • WEEK EIGHT: Mindful Connections- Learning how to be more mindful within our relationships including placing & holding compassionate boundaries and dealing with guilt.


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Easy to follow videos

Simple, clear video lessons that are broken down into actionable bite-sized steps. All accessible via your own personal, easy to use online platform on-demand, 24/7.

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Downloads and Factsheets

Beautiful downloadable factsheets & infographics. Yours to keep forever- perfect to print and keep somewhere handy for when you need a reminder.


Trusted Education 

The ability to ask questions on each lesson and have them answered by me- a doctor and registered yoga & meditation teacher who provides evidence based answers- free of any industry bias.

Amazing value!


One time payment!

  • Eight, weekly 90 minute small group coaching sessions with Dr Emily Amos.
  • 8x amazing video lessons designed to succinctly and expertly help you to master mindfulness & self compassion.
  • Your own personalised online learning platform- available to you 24/7.
  • BONUS: Full access to Dr Amos' gentle guided meditation library to help you to master the practice of mindfulness meditation and calm your sympathetic nervous system.
  • BONUS: Guided breath work practices that you can do anywhere, anytime to help your body and mind to slow down and relax.
  • BONUS: Helpful weekly mindfulness prompts worksheet including simple mindfulness practices that you can easily integrate into your week.
  • At least 12 months access to all content to help you to really master mindfulness!

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Your teacher- Dr Emily Amos

I am a General Practitioner and registered yoga & meditation teacher. I facilitate training in meditation & mindfulness and tutor university medical students in mindfulness and healthy lifestyle change. I am an expert in mindfulness & self care!

I specialise in making these concepts easy to understand and integrate into your life in sustainable ways.