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Episode 3

I've never been much good as asking for help when I need it, I'm more of a "stick my head in the sand and tell everyone (including myself) that I'm fine" kind of person. Then I burnt out and really needed help.

So I've learnt some lessons about how to do a better job of asking for help and in this ep I talk about:

  •  How we often mistakenly fall into the trap of classing people as either givers or receivers of help, but rarely both.
  •  What basic needs are and how sometimes we do actually need other peoples help to fulfil them.
  •  That most of us are happy to be asked for help, but not comfortable asking for it for ourselves. What gives with that?!?
  •  How meditation and mindfulness can actually help us to do this better!

There is another cheeky meditation slipped into this ep so take care if driving or perhaps put it aside for a time when you can sit and relax.

To learn more about mindfulness check out my masterclass or my meditations on Insight Timer.

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