Do you struggle to switch off and rest?


You know that feeling when you're exhausted and stressed but you can't seem to relax- even when you try and sit still?

Or you've decided that you want to try meditation but every time you sit down to give it a go your body and mind just feel uncomfortable so you give up?

 It's not your fault, your amazing body is simply addicted to the stimulation of constantly doing all the time!


For most of us, we stay busy because when we slow down our minds fill with uncomfortable thoughts... I get it, I feel it too.

Mindfulness teaches us how to be present for all thoughts- both the comfortable and the uncomfortable ones. 


I know what you're thinking- you've tried mindfulness and/or meditation before and it didn't work!

Well, that's because you didn't try it this way.


My 30 day Stimulation Addiction detox is designed to gently bring your body and mind into stillness, bit by bit, no jarring 20 minute silences to start you off! Just a daily guided meditation that you simply need to make some time to listen to- I'll do the rest.


Your teacher- Dr Emily Amos

I am a General Practitioner and registered yoga & meditation teacher. I facilitate training in meditation & mindfulness and tutor university medical students in mindfulness and healthy lifestyle change. I am an expert in mindfulness!

I specialise in making these concepts easy to understand and integrate into your life in sustainable ways.

What you get:

Thirty nurturing and on demand guided meditations by Dr Emily Amos- GP, registered yoga & registered meditation teacher. With each meditation expertly crafted to introduce you to the concept of Stimulation Addiction and each day building upon the learning from the previous.


Guided meditations designed to help you to:

  • Notice your thoughts without judgement.
  • Find the right meditation anchor for yourself to make meditation simple and enjoyable.
  • Learn how to welcome all thoughts.
  • Master authentic self compassion.
  • Learn how to sustainably work meditation into your life.


Daily meditations to keep you on track with gentle reminders each day- simply close your eyes and listen!

All on one amazing, simple to access personal online platform that you can access anywhere, anytime via computer or app to help your body and mind to slow down and relax.