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Episode 7

This episode was a lot fun to record. Katie Cortes is a midwife, sleep consultant and mum of 4, so she knows a thing or two about the ‘perfect mother’ myth. Like me, she loves a good chat and could easily solve the worlds problems over a cup of tea! Together we’ve taken it upon ourselves to decide not only- where this myth comes from? But also what we can do to banish it from our lives?

So if you’re a mum of little or big kids, join us as we chat about:

- letting go of the guilt.

- learning how to be kind to ourselves as we ‘learn on the job’ as mums.

- how we can recognise ingrained patterns of behaviour in ourselves that might contribute to the ‘perfect mother myth’

- how vulnerability and self compassion can help our kids to side step the guilt we’ve internalised.

- where self care comes into it all.

You can connect with Katie via her website https://katiesbabies.com.au/ or on social media via Katies Babies


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