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Episode 12


This has always been a big background thing for me, none of us probably talk about it enough though- how the fear of making a mistake can drastically temper our dreams and actions. Fear of making a mistake can be debilitating in our decision making in the present moment, stopping us from even doing anything.

This episode I'm talking about 

  • How this concept not only affects those of us who work in healthcare but also the perfectionists and worries of the world (even more so if you happen to be all three!).
  • How our fear of making a mistake in the future can seriously affect our behaviour today.
  • How this future based thinking (and fear) relates to mindfulness and learning how to be in the present moment.
  • How to take the first step towards making a decision and committing to an action, despite the fear of making a mistake.
  • How this fear of making a mistake can even affect us as parents!
  • How much time we can regain in our lives by learning how to not only be more mindful of this tendency but also by choosing to reinvest this energy into being more mindful.


The beautiful article by Dr Jonathan Ramachenderan I refer to in this episode can be found here.


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