Lasting behaviour change is about understanding that the reason you haven't achieved lasting change in the past isn't because you didn't want it enough or that you aren't a good person.

It's because it is hard to break free of deeply ingrained patterns.

 Are you ready to kick start your self care and stop feeling so burnt out & depleted all the time?


This amazing 6 module course will help you to integrate self care into your everyday life. To make it something that you don't need to find extra time for.

Easy to watch video lessons- anywhere, anytime.

With BONUS weekly guided meditations and journalling worksheets to help you to reflect on the barriers you may have had to making self care sustainable in the past.

 Learn about the science of behaviour change and use it to make your self care something that easily fits into your everyday life!


Prioritising others is important, but you cannot give from an empty cup. Being able to practice mindful self care without the guilt is about recognising that by caring for yourself, you're prioritising your ability to keep caring for others sustainably

Learn how to integrate mindfulness, meditation, breath work, mindful movement, compassionate boundaries and rest into your day so that you don't get to the end of each day feeling empty and overwhelmed.

No pills, supplements or empty promises. Education and understanding is the key to lasting change!

Here's what you get when you sign up: 


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Easy to follow videos

Simple, clear video lessons that are broken down into actionable bite-sized steps. All accessible via your own personal, easy to use online platform on-demand, 24/7.

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Downloads and Factsheets

Beautiful downloadable factsheets & infographics. Yours to keep forever- perfect to print and keep somewhere handy for when you need a reminder.


Trusted Education 

The ability to ask questions on each lesson and have them answered by me- a doctor and registered yoga & meditation teacher who provides evidence based answers- free of any industry bias.

What you get:

 Six amazing video modules featuring simple, easy to follow lessons and beautiful downloadable factsheets & worksheets, yours to keep forever!

  • MODULE ONE: Mindful Self Care- Understanding behaviour change and setting achievable goals.
  • MODULE TWO: Posture, Breath and Openness- Why how you breathe matters and simple breath work practices.
  • MODULE THREE: Welcoming Sleep- How to change your relationship with sleep and remove barriers to getting it.
  • MODULE FOUR: Mindful Eating- Nourish your body and learn how to tune into the feedback it gives you.
  • MODULE FIVE: Strength & Flexibility- Mindful movement to bring awareness to your posture and strengthen your core.
  • MODULE SIX: Connection- An exploration of guilt, boundaries & holding space.
  • BONUS: Gentle guided breath meditations to introduce you to the principles and practice of mindfulness meditation and calm your sympathetic nervous system.
  • BONUS: Guided breath work practices that you can do anywhere, anytime to help your body and mind to slow down and relax.
  • BONUS: Helpful weekly mindfulness prompts worksheet including simple mindfulness practices that you can easily integrate into your week.

Including at least 12 months access to all content so you work at your own pace.

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Your teacher- Dr Emily Amos

I am a General Practitioner and registered yoga & meditation teacher. I facilitate training in meditation & mindfulness and tutor university medical students in mindfulness and healthy lifestyle change. I am an expert in mindfulness & self care!

I specialise in making these concepts easy to understand and integrate into your life in sustainable ways.