mind.life.me by Dr Emily Amos

Mindfulness can be an incredibly powerful tool for not only increasing subjective feelings of calm and workplace satisfaction, but also for improving performance.


Let me help your team to experience the benefits of mindfulness & meditation.

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 Let's talk about 

  • Really coming to understand the concept of mindfulness and building from this foundation to learn how to practice mindful self care.
  • Developing a more mindful sense of self, robust stress management & self care practices and decreased overall reactivity.
  • Introducing the practice of meditation and using it as a tool to facilitate both personal & professional reflection.
  • Helping employees to develop the self awareness to understand what they bring to a team and how they can bring out the best in not only themselves but also others.

  • Mastering the practice of placing and holding compassionate boundaries.

  • Simple breath work practices to help calm our nervous systems and manage stress.

  • Holistically managing stress by optimising our diet, mindful movement and sleep patterns.

As a GP who has myself burnt out, I understand the importance of integrating holistic and effective stress management into our working lives. 


I have spent many years managing the devastating downstream effects of poorly managed stress and now use this experience to deliver these amazing, comprehensive workshops.

Self Care Kickstart by Dr Emily Amos

Basic Life Support Self Care

Emily's cornerstone workshop, Basic Life Support Self Care™ delivers a complete framework for building authentic and holistic self care habits. Taking inspiration from the widely recognised algorithm of Basic Life Support- DRSABC, Emily teaches your employees simple and actionable self care practices for their every day lives.

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Self Care Kickstart by Dr Emily Amos

A comprehensive introduction to mindfulness, meditation & breath work 

A simple and easy to implement framework to help your employees to master the concept of mindfulness and begin to use the skills of meditation & breath work to help them to manage stress.

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