Our careers are important as doctors, but so are we.


Medicine is an amazing profession but the demographic of doctors is changing. We increasingly find ourselves balancing this albeit fulfilling career with the demands of family and life outside of medicine.

This shift isn't always well appreciated by medical administrators, employers and the profession in general. The ever present balancing act between a profession that requires 110% commitment and a world that often competes for our attention and energy resulting in feelings of overwhelm and burnout amongst many of us.


I'm finding that balance hard.

Healthcare is a demanding profession. 


I know how hard it can be to break away from the role as healer of others, I also know what happens when we don't. 

This balancing act did burn me out, and in my journey back from this I realised what would have helped me. Education and training around not just the concrete skills of practicing medicine, but also support in

  • Dealing with chronic stress and burnout.
  • How to help calm my often busy mind.
  • An understanding that empathy isn't simply a tap that can be turned on and off, but rather a spectrum that is experienced in very different ways for different people.
  • Learning skills to manage my own experience of empathy including ways to manage empathy fatigue that don't involve simply being told to "care less".
  • Getting to know myself and my ego with compassion and non-judgement and taking time to reflect on how my ego stories affected my own inherent biases & thought processes.
  • Being supported to reflect on how I internalised my role as a doctor and how I could do this more sustainably.
  • How to reconnect with who I was outside of medicine.

Does this sound familiar?


We all go through such a long and arduous process to become a doctor, that it can be so easy to forget there is a person within us who is separate from all of that. You deserve to be supported in your quest to find a balance between caring for others and caring for yourself.

Let me help you to find that balance.


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healing the healers by Dr Emily Amos

Options for individuals and organisations.

mind.life.medicine by Dr Emily Amos

6 week Mindfulness & Self Compassion Course

Exclusive training for health professionals designed to improve feelings of personal wellbeing and enhance professional performance & clarity.

Including online modules, downloadable workbook, supported introduction to journalling practice and weekly virtual group meditation & mindfulness lessons with Dr Emily Amos.

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Basic Life Support Self Care by Dr Emily Amos

Basic Life Support Self Care ™ Workshop

The perfect workshop for hospitals and health services to deliver to their employees.

Focussing on simple and easily implemented self care strategies in a recognisable framework including mindfulness, meditation, breath work and self compassion practice.

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Self Care & Wellbeing Retreats for Doctors

CPD approved educational retreats to help doctors to master the skills of mindfulness, meditation & self compassion as well reflect on and manage their wellbeing within this demanding profession.

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We must begin to prioritise the health of our health professionals to be equally as important as the patients and system they support.



To improve feelings of personal wellbeing and enhance professional performance and clarity.


6 weeks of learning, supported reflection and meditation for doctors & other health professionals.



  • Weekly 1.5hr group training sessions via Zoom over six weeks with Dr Emily Amos teaching the practices of mindfulness and self compassion in a way that is not only relevant but crucial to master for those of us in the health and healing professions. 
  • Weekly supplementary video lessons and downloadable worksheets to help you consolidate each weeks teaching. 
  • Dynamic online learning platform- easily accessed from computer, phone or tablet with easy access to all lessons, coaching recordings, worksheets and downloads.
  • Supported journalling and self reflection each week with templates supplied and nurturing & individualised feedback given by Dr Amos to help you to build your ability to practice self compassion.
  • Full access to both the exclusive online Resource and Guided Meditation Libraries.
  • Special BONUS: access to the supportive online community of likeminded health professionals


  • Module One: Learning about the Compassionate Observer- how can we step back from our thoughts through meditation and mindfulness?
  • Module Two: The 'On-Call Brain'- learning the difference between thinking & awareness and how to find stillness and calm in our busy minds and jobs.
  • Module Three: Befriending our Stress Response- learning how to work with, it rather than against it.
  • Module Four: Perception- how our ego shapes not only how we react but also our view of the world.
  • Module Five: You Can't Hold Space for Hypertension- mastering the difficult skill of holding space and feeling rather than fixing.
  • Module Six: Mindfulness in Healthcare- sharing the practice of mindfulness and self compassion with our patients and learning how to make and hold compassionate boundaries with our work.
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Danielle L.

I felt this course helped me “unlock” mindfulness and found the exploration of ego and how we respond to ourselves a real key for this. Mindfulness is now a comfort and practice is soothing (even if brief) when I never imagined that would happen! After wanting to understand/be able to practice self compassion for some time, I felt this course finally helped. Thanks Emily.

Phoebe H.

I really enjoyed the Mindfulness and Self Compassion Course with Emily. I found it to be the perfect blend of theory, reflection and practicing different meditation techniques. Coming to an understanding about how self compassion allows one to live more mindfully was a profound realisation for me, and something that I hope I can apply to my everyday life.

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